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1. Terms of the Contract

The following General Sales Conditions have as subject matter the sale of items marketed through the (that we will call from now on “Faber e-commerce”)


The owner of Faber e-commerce is:


Faber Chimica Srl – Via G.Ceresani, 10 – Loc.Campo dell’Olmo – 60044 – Fabriano (AN) – ITALY – VAT NUMBER: 01007440421 - REA NUMBER AN-130435


The following conditions are an integral part of each and every order. They must be read and accepted by the Customer before the purchase. The Customer by confirming the order agrees unconditionally and undertakes to observe in its relations with Faber Chimica Srl the following general sale and payment conditions, declaring to have read and accepted all the indications given to him/her, to be 18 years or older, and to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.   

 The Customer undertakes to do not provide false personal information, to do not generate an account on behalf of another person, to do not share their login credentials and keep them private, to do not allow other people to login with their credentials, or to take any action that could jeopardize the safety of its account, in case of violation of these obligations the Customer must assume all the related responsibilities discharging Faber Chimica Srl from any liability that might result.


2. Amendments to the Contract

Faber Chimica Srl reserves the right to update or modify the website and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The Customer using the site or placing an order following any such changes constitutes its agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms and Conditions as changed. For this reason, the Customer is encouraged to review these Terms and Conditions whenever using the Site.


3. Cancellation of the account

If a Customer who has created an account through registration into the Site doesn’t agree with the changes, he/she needs to delete its account. The customer is free to delete its account at any time by communicating its intention by reaching out to Faber Chimica Srl. Faber Chimica Srl will communicate to the client the effective removal of the account. Once the account has been deleted, it won’t be available to the client that will lose all the data.


4. Placing Orders

Faber e-commerce allows the Customer to purchase products to clean, maintain, and protect floors and surfaces. The Customer can buy only the products that are available in the catalog of the Site. The purchase of the products is made by the Customer for the price that is indicated together with the shipping cost as specified at the time of the purchase. Before confirming the order to the Customer will be provided all the details of the order with the unitary cost of each of the products in the cart, the total cost of the order, and if applicable the shipping cost. Following the order confirmation, the Customer will receive an email of the correct reception of the order that contains the date and the total amount of the purchase. The purchase must be considered concluded once the order confirmation email that we previously discussed has been received by the Customer. The email details all the data provided by the customer that undertakes to check the accuracy of the provided information and to promptly communicate any corrections following the procedure specified in the email. This communication must be executed as soon as possible once the order confirmation email has been received in order to avoid problems and inconveniences that might follow the preparation or dispatch of the order from  Faber Chimica Srl. In any case, Faber Chimica Srl doesn’t ensure to be able to modify the order whenever the communication from the Customer has been received after the preparation or the dispatch of the designated order that generally happens between 24 to 48 hours maximum.


5. Limitation of liability

The Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation for damage, nor Faber Chimica srl be liable contractually or extra contractually for direct or indirect damage to persons and/or objects caused by the non-acceptance or non-fulfillment, partial or otherwise of an order and/or for incorrect data listed in the order and/or in the order confirmation email sent by Faber Chimica Srl, as well as for any possible harm or damage to persons and/or objects arising from a proper use or misuse of the purchased items.


6. Intellectual Property

Faber Chimica Srl is the exclusive owner of all the rights to the website’s name and domain, logos, and brands relative to the Products on the Site and also to any other right regarding Website content. The content shall not be reproduced, distributed, stored, or transmitted in any way without the express prior written consent of Faber Chimica Srl. The Customer shall be required to make good any capital and non-capital damage, also unpredictable, to Faber Chimica Srl due to the violation of industrial and/or intellectual and/or other property rights associated with them. 


7. Payments

Payments Options 


PAYPAL - The payment of your order goes through the PayPal circuit. PayPal offers businesses and customers the chance to make payments quickly and safely. 


CREDIT CARD - If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can always pay through PayPal with your credit card without any registration. The circuit accepts the most used credit cards like Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, PostePay, and many more. The payment goes through safely with the PayPal circuit.


BANK MONEY TRANSFER - Once the order has been confirmed you will receive an email with all the necessary information to proceed with a bank money transfer. Always indicate under the section “reason of the payment” the number of your order followed by Shop online Faber. 

“ Order number XXXXXXX Shop online Faber”. 


The Bank money transfer needs to be made payable to:



Via G. Ceresani, 10 - 60044 FABRIANO (AN) - ITALY 

IBAN : IT27Q0760102600000015084601 - Banco Posta

Attention: The orders that are paid through a bank money transfer are dispatched only after the payment has been received that usually takes between 2 to 3 days.  


8. Products

All the products, at any time without prior notice, may be subject to improvements, variations, technical and functional changes. 


9. Dispatch and Shipping 

The products ordered on Faber e-commerce are delivered through partner express couriers. Faber Chimica reserves the right to assign the shipping courier that is considered more appropriate. 

The confirmed orders are dispatched once the payment is received. The orders are dispatched from our warehouse from Monday to Friday generally between 3 to 5 working days upon the confirmation of the payment. With the exception of special circumstances, holidays, and company closing days. 

The delivery of the order to the designated address happens generally from Monday to Friday between 48 to 72 hours since the order has been dispatched. With the exception of special circumstances, holidays, and company closing days. 

To facilitate the courier delivering the order, please while completing the order, specify in the “notes” section all the necessary information for the delivery. 

Attention: We recommend to check the condition of the package once the items are delivered and to ensure that the box is not wet or damaged. If this is the case sign the package “with reservation” allowing us to replace the damaged items.

If the client decides deliberately to do not accept the package upon delivery or the carrier is unable to deliver the order to the designated address, Faber Chimica has the right to retain from the refound the amount spent to bring the goods back to the warehouse. 

If the client decides deliberately to do not accept the package upon delivery, Faber Chimica has the right to retain from the refound the amount spent to bring the goods back to Italy. When shipping to countries that are not part of the European Union, we are not responsible for any extra fees, customs, or back end charges once the package has exited The Italian borders.  


10. Billing

The invoice is generated by Faber Chimica Srl. The invoice is sent to the client digitally. It’s the Customer's interest to print a copy and store it for eventual tax checks. 


11. Warranty and defective products

The legal warranty is applicable to a product that shows faults and/or malfunctions immediately at the time of the delivery by the courier. If this is the case the Customer must refuse the delivery of the package.  Any warranty is excluded if the package is accepted by the Customer. The warranty is personal and applicable only to the Customer whose name is contained in the billing invoice. 


12. Right of Withdrawal 

Purchases made on Faber e-commerce are governed by the Italian law on postal sales. The Customer may withdraw from the purchase contract within 10 days from the delivery of the order with a written communication that must be forwarded directly to Faber Chimica Srl by registered mail with return receipt. The Customer is responsible to ship and return at his own expenses the complete order in its original packaging, undamaged and closed. The opening of the box and/or product packaging forfeits any right on the Customer's behalf. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

a) The purchased product must be returned in its integrity and its packaging must be sealed; 

b) The purchased product must be integral and in its original and complete packaging, all parts included (including the package, eventual documentation, and accessory equipment). In order to limit damages to the original packaging, the Customer must place the order in a second box, otherwise, he/she will be considered responsible for eventual damages.

The Customer shipment of the order to return, until the arrival to the Faber Chimica Srl headquarters (Via G. Ceresani, 10 Loc. Campo d'Olmo - 60044 Fabriano (AN) - Italy), it’s under the complete risk, responsibility, and expenses of the Customer. In case the package is damaged during the shipping process, Faber Chimica Srl will communicate it to the Customer (within 5 working days after receiving the parcel at its headquarter) to allow him/her to promptly file a complaint towards the designated courier to get a refund of the value of the property (if covered). In this case, the package will be available to be returned to the Customer and the right of withdrawal will have no effect.  

Faber Chimica Srl is not responsible in any way for damages or theft/loss of goods returned through uninsured shipments. At the arrival of the goods to the warehouse, the package will be examined by Faber Chimica Srl to evaluate any damages or tamperings not only caused by the transport. Whenever the product packaging and/or the box result damaged, Faber Chimica Srl will proceed to withhold from the reimbursement a percentage, no more than 10% of the price of the order, as a compensation of the restoration costs. To exclude any restoration costs due to established damages to the original box, Faber Chimica Srl will accept the return of the goods, provided that the order is delivered in perfect conditions in the place and during the set time limit previously discussed.

Faber Chimica Srl will refund to the Customer the whole amount he/she already paid (shipping costs excluded whenever applicable), as quickly as possible within 30 days from the withdrawal request, transferring the amount through the Paypal account or bank money transfer. In this case, it’s the Customer's interest to provide promptly all the bank information through which Faber Chimica Srl will make the payment (IBAN - bank account number). All bank charges will be borne by the Customer. 

The right of withdrawal shall fail if the Customer doesn’t observe the previously indicated terms if the returned goods and/or the original packaging is damaged (therefore whenever Faber Chimica Srl will ensure that the damage of the goods and/or the package is due to causes following the delivery of the package to the Customer). In this case, Faber Chimica Srl will proceed to return to the Customer the purchased goods, charging him/her with the shipping costs without any refund of the paid price. 

For returns coming from countries that are not part of the European Union, Faber Chimica Srl has the right to retain from the refound any amount necessary to cover any fees or costs to cover in order to bring the goods back to Italy. 

13. Contacts and Complaints 

For any clarification or complaint, Faber Chimica Srl shall be contacted through telephone at  +39 0732 627178 or through e-mail to 


14. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The presented Contract, as well as every purchase, is disciplined by the Italian law. Any dispute arising with regard to the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, or execution of this contract shall be governed exclusively by the jurisdiction of the court of Ancona - section of Fabriano.

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